TTZD First Anniversary: Pier 121, Lake Lewisville 5-3-98

Beautiful day at the lake. Nice breeze, clear skies, a Porsche driver converted, that sort of thing. :) Leo sent me e-mail asking about the TTZ, said he owned a couple 'interesting' turbos... I told him to come on out! So he shows up in a '85 Porsche turbo with 39k miles on it (and immaculate condition) asking questions about the Z32 & went away telling us he'd be back in a Z! He said we were way easier going than the Porsche Club guys. :) After multiple trips to the grocery store, we finally had everything to cook with. Karl served as Club Grillmaster (the only known club office) making hot dogs for all. Food ingested, time to hit the boats. Mark C. & Marco brought their boats out, so we had some speed on the lake too. We trekked across the lake to Sneaky Pete's to check out the action over there. I've never been, but want to go back! :) Departing there, Marco (who I was riding with) wanted to kneeboard/innertube/be wet, so we took care of that. On the way back to Pier 121, on the plane, we caught air off a wake. I'm certain that we were totally airborne. My kidneys hurt after that (the adult beverages didn't help either) :) Afterwards a few of the guyZ went out to a local pool-establishment to enjoy more Z commentary.

Some of the scenes at Pier 121:
On the way to Pier 121

No door dings here!

A collector's item

Samuel arriving

The Porsche convert

Our surroundings

Bringing up the rear

The first wave


The second wave

Lake speed

TTZD at play
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