Area 51 Performance Dyno Day: Area 51 Performance, 3-20-99

We had to cancel this one once, due to rain, almost had to do it again... It was nice & sunny at my house, I got up & washed the car. Once I started heading in town to meet up with the other guyZ, it got overcast & cold. Good for dynoing, just worried about humidity. Hooked up with some of the others & headed to Area 51 performance. Greg had dynoed here along with a couple others. It's a domestic shop, specializing in F-bodies (they had some monsters in there), they also grind on 'Vettes & others, but a majority of the cars were F's. Kinda spooky, but Mike & Kip were very cool... They like all cars. :-) I think we had 18 Zs turn out over the course of the day. My camera was set up funky, so the pics are kinda bright... Thanks to A51P for taking care of us!

Some of the scenes at Area 51 Performance:

Myke's Z

Myke's HREs

Dave L's electric fan 


The parking lot


Some F car

Mark W's

The parking lot

Nice C5

Samuel's underhood

Myke's intercoolers exposed

Myke's plates






JimH's 555s

JeffB on the dyno again

Mike's 'Vette

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