Alamo Dyno Day: Alamo Autosports, 8-30-97

We had a turnout of 8 TTs, the token NA & 1 TT from Oklahoma City. Paul Tague was in town for a wedding & came out to play too. There is a lot happening at Alamo on any given Saturday. They service most anything, primarily Japanese imports. Plenty of things to see! Special thanks to Steve Webb & Bryce Yingling for making the dyno accessible at a discounted rate to TTZD. : ) If you need performance parts, call Alamo Autosports @ (817) 860-4300.
 Some of the interesting things to see anytime:
Jan's Z being built up @ Alamo 
Close-up of Stillen intercooler
Jan's dash gauge cluster 
Painted out reflectors
Some of the scenes at Alamo Dyno Day:
Steve Webb & Michael 
dynotuning the NA 
Paul Tague on the dyno 
Michael's NA & Marco's TT 
Alamo's parking lot
TTZD enjoying the afternoon 

TTZD lineup @ Dyno Day 
Paul Tague on the dyno 
House Siebert: Russell, 
Mark & Karl

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