Courtesy Nissan Z Day: Courtesy Nissan, 5-16-98

Really nice day to be at Courtesy getting the Zs run through a 27 point inspection including a CONSULT test. We had a turnout of at least 27 Zs during the day, even one all the way from Houston. Rich had his 3100lb SCCA NA Z trailered out. The suspension on the thing is incredible! Discovered that quite a few of us have bad front tension rod bushings after a visual inspecion. Also a few people discovered unknown problems with their Zs while going through the CONSULT test. Afterwards, a few went to eat Bar-B-Que & chat. The Dallas Police showed up to keep us in line. Then a couple folks made it over to SpeedZone to race the go-karts & drag rails.  Special thanks to Joe Flores, Service Manager & Steve Richardson, Parts Manager, for making it possible!
Some of the scenes from Courtesy Z Day:
Courtesy's lot 
Steve's Z getting inspected 
Some custom testpipes 
Samuel's Z on the lift 
Michael getting chrome centercaps 
Michael directing traffic 
At Sonny Bryan's 
More at Sonny Bryan's 
More at Sonny Bryan's 
Debbie's Z 
Darren's 'Vette
Rich's SCCA Z 
SCCA Z's underhood 
Inspecting Marco's Z 
Lance imitating a Mustang 
The DPD 
More at Sonny Bryan's 
A passer-by (Debbie) stops to chat 
Darren's 'Vette 
 Nice warning! 
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