Import Domestic Dragwars: Ennis Motorplex, 8-16-98

Long day at the track, you'd think management would figure out you need at least TWO ambulances, because someone is going to heatstroke there & you can't race without an ambulance. The eliminations were schedualled to start at 1pm, but didn't start until after 4pm. :( SGP was up as usual, Kyle, Mark & Fred raced their Zs. Kyle managed a 12.2 to get in the Quick 8, put ended up running against on of the Cali cars. :( Mark & Fred were in the mid to low 13s. There was a 13.2 second NOS powered NA there too.
Some of the scenes from the 2nd I/D Dragwars '98:
Myke at the entrance gate 
Ferrarri F50 
Kyle staging up 
The pits 
SGP pits 
JoTech girls
The line to get in 
Marco's Twinturbo.NET sticker 
Beetle beating a Viper GTS 
More pits 
Mark's Z 
Dragster action
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