Import Domestic Dragwars: Ennis Motorplex, 11-15-98

Grrrrr.. OK I'm not going to get started on the 'organization' of these events again. Let's hit the highs... all 2 of them for me. Got to meet Chuck S & 'Midnight' from Houston, along with Kyle, Mark & the reast of the SGP crew. Also got to see a 10 sec. Lexus. Talk about impressive. The thing came off the line like it was rolling at 30mph. Incredible! Couple of cool cars I didn't meet the owners of: The Chromillusion 2+2 and a green '95 with Tracers & painted calipers (probably a lot of other stuff I couldn't see). It was kinda funny, the guy parked in SGP's pits & no-one knew who he was or where he went. Also parked next to DZIII & Mitch Whitney's Gree car. Overall, 2 Sapphire blue Zs & 3 Cobalt Greens parked right next to each other. Very nice!
Some of the scenes from the 3rd I/D Dragwars '98:

Crowd shot

Marco at speed

Marco on the return lane

The Chromillusion car

Blacked out tail lights

Bob Norwood's drag 'rail'

The turbo on the Norwood rail

The anonymous green caliper

Crowd shot

Marco's time trial time


More C-I

Chuck S

Chuck S' tracer

The anonymous green Tracer

DZIII & the 'other' green Z
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