NDCC vs. TTZD Challenge: Ennis Motorplex, 4-10-99

Had been chatting with Darren Brown, president of the North Dallas Corvette Club for a bit about getting our clubs together. We decided drag racing would be fun, so we scheduled a meet... Single elimination bracket racing! We had 10 Zs vs. 10 'Vettes (I think that's right)... There were some REAL fast Vette's out there... Two were capable of 11s, they got to race against each other. :-) Anyway... It was REAL crowded at the track & we had our own lanes to race out of, so I think I wouldn't have gotten 3 runs in if I hadn't been in the challenge. Someone blew up their car & drove down the rest of the track spilling fluids all down it, so we waited an hour for that cleanup, then 2 cars before my second round in the elimination, a Mustang dumped a ton of sand on the track for somewhere... I got to drive through that. I got horrible traction off the line on that run, but my times were still consistent. Sam M ran a 13.45 w/ a .423 reaction time. I was running 13.6s at 110.? all night, I think Jim was the fastest, even w/o practice runs. 4 Zs made the second round & we all got beat. Oh, well... It was fun to race for a prize instead of the usual time slips only routine. :-) Special thanks to Darren Brown & NDCC for hosting the event!

Scenes from the NDCC vs. TTZD Challenge:

Josh & Sam

Theo's Mitsu

The 11 sec 'Vettes

Mike in the second round


Staging up

Staging lanes

DamonZ in the second round

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