ZWEET Salvage: Somewhere North of Denton: 10-16&23-99

After Greg totalled ZWEET, he took the option of buying it back for salvage. Good move on his part, as a lot of the major components were still re-useable. Steve Simmons bought the engine just for the heads & cams. He's building up a TT 2+2 as a side project. We spent 2 full days gutting the hulk of ZWEET leaving basically nothing but a pile of wrinkled tin behind. It was extremely educational to see all the components exposed. Lots of little widgets were identified. :-) Special thanks to Greg O & his wife Christine for their hospitality while the vultures picked on the car-cass. ;-)

Some of the scenes at Greg O's shop:

Shahram & Jeff B removing a fender

Greg needing a VIN check

Interior bits

Torching off the front

Greg with a sledgehammer

The engine afterwards

Notice how the airbag rips the plastic

Fuel rail on the engine

Rear suspension

Rear differential

Reverse sensor, speed sensor & something else.

A VCT solenoid uncovered

Rear main seal

Much easier to remove then bring it in

Heave ho!

Loading up all the leftovers

What's left for the wrecking yard 

various debris

The treasure to recover

More debris

The crumpled front corner

What's behind the dash

Greg wrenching off the AC compressor

The frame rail under Greg's feet

Trying to get the engine slingers on

The plug in the middle is the det sensor!

The plastic sparkplug shielding

Greg working on the rear sub assembly

Stillen headers

Post salvage

Another shot of the det. sensor

The main AC airbox

Greg after detailing his car

Moving the good pieces back inside

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