Supra Dyno Day: Team DynoTech, Garland: 10-24-99

The local Supra crew was having a dyno day, Robert invited us to come out & run with them. We had 17 Zs show up, there were only 10 Supras tops. So I guess we kinda crashed the party... oh, well, it was fun! Shahram took top Z hp honors with 384 hp. He had pulled 402 a couple weeks earlier on the same dyno. He discovered his EVC wasn't wet up right after we had left, so a return trip is in order. I think the best Supra weighed in at 425 hp (Robert's? sorry, I couldn't keep up with all the names & cars). Greg O dynoed at 284 in his NOSed NA. Pretty wild to hear it spool up the dyno! We tried to get Jim Horn on the dyno with his SR-71, but he wanted to do some tuning before spending time on the dyno. SW (the previous owner) dynoed it at 525 at the ground. Speaking of SW, he drove all the way up from Austin looking to race a Supra, but apparently all the big hp Supras were out of town or out of commission. He brought his Lingenfelter Vette (claimed 701rwhp on pump gas) and had a buddy in his Venom 70,000,000. I think the Viper was supercharged and NOSed. I didn't get to see the underhood, but when they left, the Venom sounded like a 1200cc 2 stroke crotch rocket. Holy shnikies! We haven't been back to Team DynoTech since they moved to their new location. Pretty nice digs. The in ground dyno is very nice, quick in & out. Special thanks to Chris at Team DynoTech for having us out on a Sunday and putting some pizza in our stomachs.

Some of the scenes at Team DynoTech:

a Supra on the dyno

The back lot

Tommy on the dyno (clear tails)

Shahram in action again

Greg on the dyno

SW's partner's Venom 70,000,000 GTS

Venom wheels

Shahram's twin POP

Josh on the move

Karl's & Jim's Zs

Shahram in action

Greg O's bug spray

Greg O's underhood

Shahram on the dyno

SW's Lingenfelter

701 hp at the ground on pump gas?

SW's wheels

Parking lot at Hooters afterwards

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