R.I.P. TJS 06R: In loving memory of Michael Doan's Stage III, April '95-September '97

On the morning of Thursday, September 4th, 1997, TJS 06R met it's fate with the Tollway's concrete median. Michael was heading to work. Making a spirited drive of it, while slowing down behind another car in the right hand lane, going around a right hand turn, on a damp road, the left rear tire locked up & sent Michael into a spin. Witnesses say he did 720 degrees & was 2 feet in the air, crossing all lanes of traffic until the barrier in the median stopped it. Thankfully, Michael wasn't hurt, and no one else was even involved in the accident. He suffered only a sore pinkie finger & got hit in the head with his cell phone. 'And he walked away'...

We would much rather remember his Z as the healthy Stage III 260 hp NA, than the crippled steel hulk in the pictures below. I also included some of the highlights of it's TTZD membership to remember it that way. Including one of it's finest moments, the Hooters car wash.  : )


Michael & Rich
It's OK, Michael, it's OK...
The last good-bye.  : (
DamonZ & Michael's Zs @ Alamo
The last dyno ride.
At Alamo's Dyno Day, just days before.
One of the finer moments.  : )

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