Z32 Changes:

This list comes from the IZCC Z-Car mailing list:

Nissan 300ZX (Twin Turbo and NA) 1990-1996 Feature Changes

'90:  NA begins production in Spring '89 -- TT begins in the Fall.
      Extended model year sales: 39,290

'91:  Manual climate controls discontinued (but used on future convertible).
      New electronic climate controls allowing control over air flow direction, but no more ambient temp guage.
      Nissan hamburger logo put on nose of car.
      Driver's airbag optional.
      Air Conditioner evaporator valve changed from aluminum to steel to quiet it.
      NA rotors changed to TT units.  Previous NA rotors were 2mm thinner.
      CD Player option added for both TT and NA.  Previously only available in NA.
      Bose stereo head-unit changed (new unit has fader/balance controls).
      5-Speaker Bose system discontinued.
      Logo on floor mats changed from "300ZX" to simply "Z".
      Hardtop coupe available at mid-year (NA only).
      Brake master cylinder changed to new unit in Feb. 1991.
      Sales: 17,652

'92:  Driver's airbag made standard.
      Dash/door complimentary material changed from fabric to 'Alcantara' (synthetic suede).
      Separate mirror heater switch eliminated (combined with rear defroster switch)
      Mirror heaters made standard.
      Power-adjustable driver's seat standard on t-top.
      Sales: 6,708

'93:  Turbo oil line insulation changed for better heat dissipation.
      Convertible option added (only avail. with manual climate controls).
      Brake caliper material changed from aluminum to iron to help warpage/shimmy problems.
      AIV/reed valves removed.  (Source: JWT -- unconfirmed)
      Sales: 11,599

'94:  Rear spoiler design changed to a higher/bigger pedestal unit, increasing drag coefficient from .31 to .32.
      Super HICAS system changed to an electrically-actuated unit (previously oil  pressure actuated).
      Seat belts redesigned.  Moved from door-mounts to true pillar-mounts.
      Passenger airbag made standard.
      Keyless entry added.
      Titanium keys discontinued in Nov. 1994.
      Off-white 'Pearl' color is dropped.  Future 'pearls' are more of a semi-metallic white.
      Upgraded Bose stereo made standard (may have happened in '95).
      Convertible gets standard power passenger seat.
      Front fascia becomes body-colored instead of gray strip.
      Keyhole light eliminated.
      Sales: 5,320

'95:  Body colored front-bumper facia and roof rail for the convertible
      Special 25th Anniversary gold paint available.
      Bose stereo head-unit changed again.  New unit has Scan function, pixelated display, and better bass sound quality.
      'Reset' button removed from dash clock (may have happened in '94).
      Sales: 3,135

'96:  Variable cam timing 'quietly' dropped due to smog regulations, reducing 5-speed engine output to 280HP.
      Different cams installed.
      OBD II electronics introduced.
      Driver's seat back rest no longer includes adjustable side bolster (also true on some '95 models).

I know there are more differences to add: If you know specifically when some of these events happened or more info on listed changes, mail DamonZ@Dallas.Net make your subject 'Z32 Changes' please. Also include the production date & model of your Z, to accurately align the change in the list.

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