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Dyno Charts

Air Guides for Rotor Cooling Installation

Timing Tweak

Rotor Replacement

NA Header Install

ECU Swap & Boost Jet Install

Pre-Cat Gutting

Colors Codes & Serial Numbers

ECU Diagnostics

Autocross Suspension Tweak

Underdrive Pulley Install

Brake Pad Install

Stainless Steel Brake Line Install & Brake Bleeding Procedure

Boost Gauge Install

Shifter Bushing Replacement

Oil Change

Tension Rod Install/Replacement

60K Maintenance

Air Filter Replacement/Cleaning

Fuel Filter Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement

HICAS Diagnostic

Twin POP Install

Cat-Back Exhaust Install

Transmission and Differential Fluid Change

PCV Valve Replacement

Engine Removal

Turbo Replacement

EGR Valve Replacement

Auto Climate Control Diagnostics

Anti-Sway Bar Install

Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Intercooler Installation

Door Hinge Alignment

Door Handle/Lock Repair

Ground Net Installation

Split Cargo Cover Repair

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