Alamo Dyno Day III: Alamo Autosports, 2-28-98

We had a turnout of 33 Z32s show up from Dallas, Houston & Oklahoma! Had a beautiful day of dynoing in 60 degree weather under clear skies for the out of towners. High hp honors go to Kyle for 405hp (it's an auto too!) NOSing on the dyno for us! Ken's STOCK '95 did 245hp, so now we have a baseline to compare to. Everyone that I met seemed to have a good time, I met so many new people (& didn't meet a couple, I know Mike B got by me somehow...). It's always nice to put names with faces, especially Blair's! Special thanks to Steve Webb & Brice Yingling for making the dyno accessible at a discounted rate to TTZD & visitors. : ) If you need performance parts, call Alamo Autosports @ (817) 860-4300.
Some of the scenes at Alamo Dyno Day III:

***More pics are coming (better shots of the parking lot) when I get that old-fashioned film camera unloaded... I also spent time printing charts at Alamo afterwards, I'll have those posted as soon as I can scan them.***

Gathering for the trip 
Mark's (SGP) Z 
Chris' Z 
Ken's stock Z on the dyno 
Out in the lot 
The other side of the lot 
Blair's Stg V on the dyno 
Damon Z III Stg II on the dyno 
Kyle NOSing on the dyno 
One of many 
Edward's Z
On the road to Alamo 
BlitZ blow off valve 
Chris' stereo 
Bryan's Stg III on the dyno 
the opposite direction 
The opposite direction 
Checking out the numbers 
Kyle's Stg VII on the dyno 
Checking Kyle's 405hp! 
Mike P.'s Stg V on the dyno 
 Edward's Stg II on the dyno 
See the dyno charts: #32-#40

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