Air Filter Replacement/Cleaning:
Another of the simple DIY jobs on the Z. The air filter is the first (basically only) line of defense to keep debris from entering the engine. When it's dirty, it restricts airflow, reducing available horsepower & torque. Replacing the stock filters or cleaning the K&N style filter will regain the lost horsepower. This cleaning was done on my '95 with JWT POP Charger, a K&N style filter. To install a K&N style filter, click here


The service manual recommends replacing the stock filters 30k miles. K&N recommends cleaning their filter every 30k miles.

Part Numbers:

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16546-30P00 OEM air filters for all years, NA & TT: (2 req'd)


1. Remove the nose panel between the headlights (4 or 2 x 10mm/phillips) (1.). Be careful not to loose the 'U' spacers (2.)if they are still with the car.

If replacing stock airfilters:

2. Loosen the 2 phillips head screws in the middle of the filter. Unclip the four clips around the edges.

3.Open the airbox up wide enough to remove the old filters & replace them with new ones.

4. Reclip the top of the airbox & tighten the 2 phillips head screws.

5. skip to step 8.

If cleaning K&N type filter:

2. Disconnect the top of the filter from the splash guard (if it's installed that way) (3.) (1 x 10mm).

3. Loosen the clamp on the base of the filter (4.). Slip the filter off & around the side of the MAS to remove it (5.).

4. Use a soft brush to remove the large debris from the outside of the filter. Wash the filter from the inside out with a gentle stream from a garden hose. Let the filter sit until it's dry (sunlight & wind helps).

5. Oil the filter & replace it on the filter ring with the clamp.

6. Make sure the screw on the clamp is on the side & pointed up to make removal easier next time. 

7. Tighten the clamp. Poke the stud on top of the filter back through the splash guard. Tighten the nut on the stud (1 x 10mm).

8. Replace the nose panel making sure the 'U' spacers are in place (4 or 2 x 10mm/phillips). 

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1.4 x 10mm bolts on the nose panel
2.'U' shaped spacer
3.POP Charger
4.Loosened air filter
5.removing the air filter