TT Suspension Tweak for Autocross:
If you have ever done some spirited driving with your twin turbo (TT), you know the Z has a tendency to understeer, or 'push' in corners because of its weight distribution between front and rear (more weight in the front).  This is more of a safety feature than anything.  Nissan did not want to make a car that was so neutral in handling that you had to always be ready for the rear end to swing around if you took a corner too fast. 

However, this "safety feature" doesn't help the Z on the autocross track. There is a way to soften the front suspension/stiffen the rear to help make the Z handle better on the track with out going to aftermarket suspension parts. 

Here are the steps: 

1. Park the car with the parking brake OFF and the suspension setting set to TOURING. 

2. Open the hood and disconnect the actuators for the front shocks. These are located where the top of shocks should be (on top of the front wheel wells) and are round plastic housings (1.).  There are wires that travel from the actuator to a connector that is about 6 to 8 inches away.  Unplug the actuators here. 

3. Switch the suspension setting to SPORT. Only the rears can adjust to the Sport setting. 

4. After racing, plug the actuators back in a toggle the suspension switch a few times so the shocks get on the same setting. 

The reason this helps in autocrossing is to get a better weight transfer on the front tires for the corners and not as good for the rear.  This helps the front-end turn through the corner faster and the rear end to swing around faster.  This gets the Z through those slow speed autocross corners faster. 

Another easy way to help out the Z's understeer tendency is to buy another set of the TT rear rims, which are 1" wider than the front rims.  This makes a noticeable difference to the overall handling of the car and is well worth the $.  This will also allow TT owners to rotate wheels & not buy new tires every 9 months!  More money for hp upgrades! 

Thanks are due to Donn Vickery for the suspension tweak idea.

1.suspension setting actuator
Russell 'Silky Smooth' Siebert

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