Fuel Filter Replacement:
Another of the simple DIY jobs on the Z. A clogged fuel filter can cause a lot of problems from simple hesitation to cratering an engine. When there's not enough fuel for the air being brought through the engine, detonation will occur from running too lean a mixture. 


The service manual never gives a recommended mileage to replace the fuel filter at, personally I go with every 30k miles.

Part Numbers:

All links for OEM parts go to CourtesyParts.com for on-line parts ordering.

16400-Q0805 fuel filter, NA & TT
There is also a 16400-N7600JP part number that is commonly used instead of Q0805. Procedures:

1. Remove the driver's kickpanel, 2 screws are in the side of the panel, 2 are in the firewall, the last one is under the carpet by the dead pedal (5 x phillips). Remove the first two screws of the door jamb's plastic trim (2 x phillips). The kickpanel interlocks with the front edge of the door jamb trim. Disconnect the fuel pump relay (bright green in my '95) in the driver's kickpanel (1.).

2. Unscrew the gas cap to remove any residual tank pressure. Start the engine & let it run until it stalls, crank it over a few more times to relieve all the fuel pressure.

3. Reconnect the fuel pump relay. Replace the kick panel. DO NOT turn the key to ON, it will run the fuel pump and try to repressurize the system.

4. Put towels under the fuel filter to catch any gasoline. No smoking or any other flamable activity while doing this! I can't believe I need to put a disclaimer in there like this.

5. Loosen the fuel hose clamps (2 x phillips). Use a straight screwriver & pry the fuel lines off the old filter (2.). Be careful if the lines have retained any residual pressure not to get sprayed with gasoline.

6. Remove the filter from the holding bracket (1 x 10mm). Remove the towels from the engine bay.

7. Install new filter with the flat side facing the engine. Reconnect the bracket (1 x 10mm) & fuel lines. Tighten the clamps about 3mm from the end of the hoses (2 x phillips). Torque to 0.7-1.1 ft-lbs.

REV 10-19-2003


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1.Fuel pump relay (bright green)
2.Fuel filter