Ground Net:

A very inexpensive mod that can potentially add greater throttle response and cure hesitation, is adding additional grounding points to the cars electrical system. By tying various locations directly to the ground terminal of the battery it effectively increases the efficiency of the electrical system.

10mm socket
Wire strippers
Connector crimper

Parts needed:
10 to 15 feet of 8 gauge multi-strand wire, commonly available at car audio supply stores.
Miscellaneous assortment of 8 gauge ring terminals, available at Radio Shack

Estimated Time Required:
Approximately 1/2 hour of labor.

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2. Using the pictures shown (1.) (2.) as a general guide and cut desired lengths of 8 gauge wire. Strip the ends of the wire and crimp the appropriate ring terminals to each end.

3. The locations highlighted in (1.) are the battery ground terminal, the ground the plenum, and the plenum stud on the front driver side of the plenum. The other highlighted locations in (2.) are the HICAS actuator assembly, and a body panel bolt.

4. Install the wire assemblies and reattach the negative battery terminal, trapping the wire assemblies under either the head of the bolt or the nut. (3.).

Originally published 01-15-2003

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